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Green Jackets

Who are the Green Jackets?

The Green Jacket Organization has been active at Rusheon Middle School since 1956. Green Jackets are energetic and friendly representatives of RMS, its staff, and students. The Green Jackets are responsible for such activities as helping with open house, the first day of school, 5th grade orientation, black history month program, and various other programs throughout the year. This organization, consisting of selected 8th grade young ladies, acts as ambassadors to Rusheon Middle School.  


1. Knee length khaki skirt
2. White monogram polo shirt (Rusheon Green Jackets)
3. Dark, flat dress shoes
4. Green scarf (worn as belt)
5. Hose (optional in warm weather only)
6. Navy school uniform jacket (in cool weather)


Qualifications for Green Jackets

Green Jackets are selected in May for the following school year. You must:

1. Be a 7th grade girl
2. Have maintained through 6th and 7th grade a 3.0
3. Provide a teacher recommendation
4. Have signed parent permission
5. Purchase the uniform
6. Maintain throughout 8th grade your 3.0 GPA
7. Not receive referrals or In-school suspension
8. Alway be a willing participant in duties asked of you